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HVAC School

Did you know that becoming an HVAC technician can change your life? Once you have your HVAC certification in Nashville, TN, you can work for one of a number of different companies. You’ll be helping people solve the problems that stress them out, and you’ll also be earning an income that will help your family thrive.

Or maybe you’re the owner of an HVAC company, but you’re struggling to find qualified technicians Maybe you want to be the best in the business, but you keep having to settle for good enough, simply because the quality of technician that you are looking for just doesn’t seem to be out there. Maybe you’re considering sending potential candidates to school on your dime, just to ensure that they are getting the best education.

Choosing an HVAC school in Nashville, TN can be difficult, but it doesn’t have to be. At AATA, we offer a different type of training academy for current and new HVAC technicians. We work with both individuals and companies, offering technicians world-class training that not only makes them into great technicians, but also into great people.

The AATA Difference

All of our HVAC courses in Nashville, TN focus on helping students become the best technicians that they can be. We teach a skill, then we allow students to practice it on real-world equipment, working just as they would in a customer’s home. We show them how an issue can present in different ways, how to catch things that other techs might miss, and how to solve the same issue in different ways. We want all of our graduates to have knowledge that goes beyond the book or the theory and that becomes very, very practical.

We also teach the students in our HVAC training in Nashville, TN how to connect with customers. We teach them how to listen so that the customer feels heard, and how to connect the products or services that they want to offer to the customer’s needs. We know that many HVAC customers end up feeling like technicians don’t really care about them but only want to sell them something. Our technicians learn how to eliminate these barriers to that true communication can happen.

We know that good HVAC technicians are confident, competent people, which is why we include more than just technical skills in our HVAC classes in Nashville, TN. We work hard to help our students become people of character who truly believe in providing service and leadership in their communities and to their customers. We want them to feel good about themselves and their new career, so they can project confidence when they speak to customers or show up at someone’s home.

Finally, we offer all of our technical students the chance to get their HVAC certification in Nashville, TN. We know that they don’t just need training, but they need to be able to prove that they have been trained, so they each get two chances for certification.

The first HVAC certification in Nashville, TN that we offer is our AATA Certificate. Students must pass a test to receive this, and it indicates that they successfully completed our course and learned what we wanted them to learn. This is a great certification for technicians who are already EPA certified or who don’t require that for some reason.

For those who need to prove their HVAC training in Nashville, TN beyond our own certification, we offer students the chance to take the EPA Universal Certification test. This exam covers all four of the EPA’s independent certifications for HVAC technicians. Since our HVAC school in Nashville, TN covers all of these topics, we believe that this offers students the best certification opportunity. Once you have this certification, you don’t need to worry about testing anymore, as there are no re-certification requirements. In fact, you don’t even have to participate in continuing education!

AATA stands out among heating and air conditioning schools in Nashville, TN because it offers real-world training that focuses on the whole person, rather than just on technical skills. It also teaches techs how to provide world-class customer service, because it focuses on meeting the customer’s needs. If you have been wondering how to train as an HVAC technician or how to get HVAC certified in Nashville, TN, call us.

We will help you get onto a path of growth, career establishment, and personal development. Find out when our next courses start when you talk to one of our HVAC training experts today.