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HVAC School

Are you looking to change your life by attending HVAC classes in Tennessee? Or maybe you own or manage an HVAC company and you’d love to send some of your technicians for further HVAC training in Tennessee to finesse or hone their skills? Either way, AATA could be exactly what you need to grow yourself, your skills, and your business.

At AATA, we don’t see ourselves as just a school for HVAC technicians. We model our training after the military. Our founder, Jerry Hall, was a member of the 82nd Airborne Division. While he was serving in the military, he learned about the importance of character, serving, servant leadership, and discipline. He brings all of these to his teaching, now, hoping to instill these same values and characteristics in his students. He believes that these were the things that allowed him to succeed, and he would love to pass them on, in addition to the technical skills necessary to successfully service heaters and air conditioners.

AATA is Different

The military theme isn’t the only thing that makes us stand out at AATA. While there are many HVAC courses in Tennessee that you could attend, we are the one that focuses on teaching in a real-world way, that trains students to be better people as well as amazing technicians, and that teaches students how to sell in a way that feels genuine.

At our HVAC school in Tennessee, we focus on teaching one skill at a time, then offering students the chance to practice it over and over again under the watchful eye of a professional mentor. This allows the knowledge to go beyond the surface and beyond the abstract. It becomes ingrained, practical knowledge that a technician can actually use in the field.

We believe that our HVAC training in Tennessee offers people the chance to improve their lives and the lives of the people closest to them. We will help our students gain confidence and learn how to overcome difficulties, whether they are faced with a problem on the job or in the rest of their lives. Knowing that they can overcome gives students confidence, which they then project whenever they enter a customer’s home.

Finally, we stand out among heating and air conditioning schools in Tennessee because we teach our students how to listen. They will meet customers with many different needs, and it’s important that they can listen to these needs and help customers figure out how to deal with them. When the needs are service oriented, we teach our students how to tie in products and services to what a customer has stated that he or she needs. This helps customers feel heard, which means that they will trust and not just feel like someone is selling them something.

HVAC Certification in Tennessee

We stand behind our HVAC training in Tennessee. While we only work with most students for a week, we believe that we give them everything they know, in that week, to build a successful career as HVAC technicians. That’s why, at the end of every training session, we offer our students the chance to take two tests. The first is their AATA Certification test, which shows that they have successfully completed the course at our HVAC school in Tennessee. If you are already certified as an HVAC technician or you don’t need any more certifications in order to do your job, then this is the only test you’ll need to take.

The second test is the EPA Universal Certification test. When it comes to HVAC certification in Tennessee, this is the highest level that you can achieve. The EPA actually offers four different tests. However, we cover everything necessary to pass all of these at once. Once you have this certification, you don’t have to worry about being certified anymore. There are no more classes to take, because there is no continuing education requirement. You don’t ever have to re-certify, either. Pass this test, and you can get started working as an HVAC technician in Tennessee right away.

If you have been how to get HVAC certified in Tennessee, you want to improve your skills, or you are an employer looking for more educational opportunities for your employees, contact us today. We would love to talk to you about all of our offerings and opportunities and help you choose the course that is right for you. Call us to find out how you can change your life for the better or help your technicians take their skills to the next level.