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HVAC School near St. Louis, MO

Is it time to make a change in your life or your business? If you’re looking for HVAC technical training or you want to enhance the training of the technicians who work for you, then it’s time to call us at All American Technician Academy. We’ll help you get the training you need to get a job in the HVAC industry or to take your business to the next level.

An Innovative Format

When you sign up for HVAC training in St. Louis, MO through All American Technician Academy, you’re signing up for an experience that most technicians won’t get. While we believe that learning things from a book is important, our emphasis is on hands-on training overseen by industry experts.

Everyone who teaches our HVAC courses in St. Louis, MO is an expert in his or her field! In fact, they were once people just like you, and then they studied and worked in the HVAC field for years, building their resume and their expertise. In fact, many of the people teaching our HVAC classes in St. Louis, MO are now business owners. They loved the HVAC industry so much that they created their own companies within it!

hvac school st. louis mo

Sure, you’ll have books for your classes with us, but most of your education will be working on furnaces and air conditioners themselves. Our instructors will demonstrate a technique and give you the necessary theory behind it, then they’ll let you try it. Each student will get to practice the techniques over and over, until they feel natural and you aren’t worried about performing them well on the job.

Every student or small group of students in our HVAC training in St. Louis, MO has their own mentor. These are industry experts who will come alongside you to help you learn more complicated techniques and to make sure you understand them on a deep level. They will oversee your practice, offer tips and tricks, and work with you one-on-one, if necessary, to help you gain the skills you came here to get.

HVAC Certification in St. Louis, MO

Every student in our HVAC school in St. Louis, MO gets the chance to take two exams. These give you the opportunity to showcase your education and prove that you have learned a lot during your HVAC training in St. Louis, MO.

The first HVAC certification in St. Louis, MO is your certificate from All American Technician Academy. This shows that you went through the entire course and that you passed it to our satisfaction. If you are already HVAC certified or you’re certifying a group of technicians for your business, this shows that they successfully completed continuing education requirements.

The second HVAC certification in St. Louis, MO is your EPA certification. This is a federal government test that all HVAC technicians need to be successful in their fields. It’s a four-part test, and our HVAC school in St. Louis, MO prepares you to take all four parts. We’ll give you ample time and make sure the test is properly proctored, so you can get the certification you need for future success in the field.

Once you’re certified, getting a job as an HVAC technician can be just around the corner. We’ll help you connect to open positions that we know about or offer recommendations if you’re coming to us from far away.

Interested in becoming an HVAC technician and enjoying a satisfying career? Want to enter a field that expands every year? Contact us at All American Technician Academy today to find out about joining our next cohort.