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HVAC School

Attending the right HVAC training in Charleston, SC could change your life for the better. You could improve your income, helping your family grow and change. You could also meet and surpass your own goals for income and personal growth. If you own an HVAC business, sending your techs to the right HVAC classes in Charleston, SC could help you develop world-class customer service so you can have the business you’ve always wanted.

Get Started with AATA

Call us today to find out what we can offer you as far as HVAC courses in Charleston, SC. We’ll talk to you about why we are different and how we can help you and your business stand out from the crowd.

We start with our military model. Our founder, Jerry Hall, was in the 82nd Airborne Division for three years. While he was there, he learned how character, a dedication to service, and discipline can get you far in life. After he left the Army, he applied those lessons to everything he did and he believes they are the keys to his success.

He started his HVAC school in Charleston, SC, in part, to teach those skills to other technicians. His students all know that their time at AATA goes beyond learning technical skills. They spend time learning and developing these virtues, too, so that they can see the same kind of success that Jerry has. We believe that having these skills sets someone up for success regardless of the type of work they decide to do. We also believe that customers will recognize these characteristics and be more likely to reach out again whenever they have a problem.

From character, we move on to technical skills. Our innovative educational model allows students who attend our HVAC training in Charleston, SC to practice what they are learning multiple times, which solidifies the skill in their heads and takes it beyond something they read in a book or watched someone else do. Our students also work with skilled mentors, who help them out with tips, practical advice, and information about how different problems might present differently in different units.

From there, we move onto sales. We believe that good salesmen and women connect with their customers first. Otherwise, the customer might feel like the technician is only there to sell them something. Our students learn how to listen so that they can determine what each customer actually needs. From there, they learn how to present products and services in a way that connects to the customer’s need. Our hope is that customers will feel like our students are meeting their needs, rather than just trying to sell a product.

All of this equals a world-class customer experience. If you want to create customers who come back to you every time they have a problem, let one of our students handle every interaction you have.

HVAC Certification in Charleston, SC

Have you been wondering how to get HVAC certified in Charleston, SC? We offer students a chance to take the exams after every course. In fact, we offer two different levels of certification.

The first HVAC certification in Charleston, SC that we offer is our own. Students who take our courses and pass an exam at the end get an AATA Course Certificate. This shows that they were successful in our school and learned our curriculum. If you don’t need an EPA certification or you’re taking our classes for continuing education, this might be all you need.

The other HVAC certification in Charleston, SC that we offer is the EPA Universal Certification. The EPA actually offers four different certifications for HVAC technicians, but our course covers what you need to know for all of them. Take one test at the end of your HVAC school in Charleston, SC, and you can never worry about testing again. Once you have this certification, you don’t ever have to retest, recertify, or even take any more classes. Instead, you can get to work in the field that you love.

There are many heating and air conditioning schools in Charleston, SC, but we stand apart from them all. With our innovative and personalized training model, our focus on character and values, and our one-of-a-kind sales training, we produce certified HVAC technicians who have what it takes to thrive in today’s competitive, technology-driven markets. If you want to grow yourself or your business, call us now and we will help you find the program that’s right for you.