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HVAC School near Savannah, GA

Are you looking for a way to get trained in the latest HVAC technology or to update and enhance the training of your employees? At All American Technician Academy, we offer the HVAC training in Savannah, GA that you’ve been looking for. Our innovative methods and up-to-date procedures help make sure that our students offer the very best in customer service.

Technical Training

We offer intensive technical HVAC courses in Savannah, GA. We aim to immerse students in HVAC technology so they understand everything from the ground up. Our classes are taught by experienced HVAC technicians, who have themselves mastered the technology they are teaching.

Our HVAC classes in Savannah, GA are hands-on, too. We’ll teach something, then allow students to explore the concept in actual HVAC units. We teach repairs the same way! The instructor will demonstrate. Then, each student has the chance to perform the exact same repair as many times as he or she needs to in order to get it right. This allows students to work at their own pace and to make sure they fully understand foundational concepts before moving on.

hvac school savannah ga

We make sure that our HVAC training in Savannah, GA doesn’t stop with book learning. While we make sure that techs understand the background and the concepts behind the repairs they are learning to perform, we also want them to see what they will actually see when they visit customers. We have different types and styles of heaters and air conditioners so they can practice on real equipment every time!

Sales & Service Training

We don’t just limit the training at our HVAC school in Georgia to technical skills. We know that successful HVAC technicians also need to learn how to interact with customers and how to sell services and equipment that will enhance customers’ lives. We’ll show them everything from how to greet a customer to how to explain different product options so customers will understand.

We’ll also teach our graduates how to interact with difficult customers, how to work with customers who have a less than ideal budget for their project, and how to make customers feel comfortable while the technician is in their home. These may seem like “soft” skills to some employers, but the truth is that techs who are good with people are some of the best techs around!

HVAC Certification in Savannah, GA

At the end of their course, every technician will be allowed to test for HVAC certification in Savannah, GA. The first certification is our in-house certificate. This is best for techs who already have EPA certification and who are taking our courses as a refresher or to update their knowledge. It shows employers or potential employers that the tech passed a serious course in HVAC technology.

We also allow techs to test for their comprehensive EPA certification. Passing this test indicates that a tech has the basic knowledge he or he needs to effectively work on heaters and air conditioners, and is an HVAC certification in Savannah, GA that every tech should get if they want to be taken seriously when looking for a job.

Call All American Technician Academy today if you are looking for HVAC training and certification for yourself or your employees. We’ll talk you through our options and help you come up with a training plan to get you and your people the knowledge they need to serve customers well.