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HVAC School

Is it time for a career change or some career development? Whether you are a student looking for HVAC training in Charlotte, NC or an employer trying to get some of the best HVAC technicians in the business, we can help you out. At AATC we offer an innovative training program that can help you grow your business, develop your personal potential, and help your customer live better lives. 

All of our training starts with a military model. The founder of our HVAC school in Charlotte, NC is Jerry Hall, a veteran of the 82nd Airborne Division. While he was in the military, he learned about developing character, performing quality service, being disciplined, and acting as a servant leader. He believes that these are the things that helped him find success not only in the Army, but in life outside of it, too. These form the basis of his curriculum and help him develop technicians who are among the best in the world.

Many HVAC business owners struggle to find technicians with the skill and know-how to actually help their customers. In our HVAC courses in Charlotte, NC, we aim to produce students who can not only perform repairs and installations, but who can also connect with their customers. This helps them build relationships, make sales, and turn one-time customers into customers for life. If you need techs like this or you want to be a tech like this, contact us today.

AATA is Different

In addition to building our school around values often learned in the military, our HVAC training in Charlotte, NC offers an innovative training method. We try to pair each student with a certified expert. We’ll teach a skill, then the student gets a chance to practice on real-world equipment under the eye and direction of their mentor. This allows them to receive personalized, hands-on instruction and to repeat the skill over and over, as much as they need. Gradually, they internalize the knowledge until it is so much more than something they learned in a book! This is what has to happen for them to be able to use their knowledge in the real world.

Our HVAC classes in Charlotte, NC also teach students how to connect with customers. Most customers these days want so much more than someone who comes to their home, repairs something, or tries to sell them a new product. They want someone who understands them, who knows what they need and how to meet that need.

We stand out among heating and air conditioning schools in Charlotte, NC because we teach our technicians to listen. We show them how to find out exactly what a customer needs and wants, and what he or she is worried about in that process. Then, we talk to them about how to explain products and services to customers, based on those customers’ needs. We teach them the WHY behind each product, then we show them how to effectively communicate that why to customers with a wide variety of needs and wants.

This helps our technicians make more sales, as well as transform customers into dedicated clients. When customers don’t feel like someone is just there to sell them something, they are more likely to call a tech or a company again and again, as well as to recommend them to friends and neighbors.

HVAC Certification in Charlotte, NC

We allow all of our students to demonstrate what they have learned at HVAC school in Charlotte, NC by testing for two certifications. The first of these is our AATA Course Certification. No matter which course you take with us, you’ll get a chance to prove that you have learned. You’ll take a test on your last day and receive your certificate upon passing the test. This is a great way to demonstrate your knowledge if you don’t need your EPA certification or you don’t feel like you’re quite ready to take it.

The second test is the one for your EPA Universal Certification. When it comes to entry-level HVAC certification in Charlotte, NC, this is the ultimate prize. You’ll never have to re-certify or show continuing education, and our classes should give you everything you need to pass.

If you have been wondering how to get HVAC certified in Charlotte, NC or you have questions about what we offer, call us today. We will help you figure out which program is right for you and start the enrollment process as soon as you’re ready!