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HVAC School

Have you decided that HVAC courses in North Carolina would be the best way to move your career forward or set you on a path for success in the future? Or maybe you run an HVAC company and you have realized that some of your technicians need further HVAC training in North Carolina? At AATA, we would be happy to help you out in either of these situations. 

If you have been wondering how to get HVAC certified in North Carolina, then our school may be just the opportunity that you have been looking for. In almost no time, we can have you ready to test for two certifications. The first HVAC certification in North Carolina that we offer is the EPA Universal Certification. Most HVAC techs take this as four separate tests, all covering different skills and material. However, most of our students take this as one test, because our curriculum covers everything you need to know to pass this test.

If you don’t need the EPA’s HVAC certification in North Carolina, or you feel like you aren’t ready to take the test, you can still show that you passed our course. At the end of your HVAC classes in North Carolina, you’ll be able to test for your AATA Certification. This shows that you successfully took our course and learned what you needed to learn. It can be a great way to show your employer that you successfully participated in a continuing education class.


There are many reasons why you might choose our HVAC school in North Carolina. In fact, we believe that our curriculum stands out in several important ways.

First of all, we offer world-class HVAC training in North Carolina. Sure, anyone can say that, but do they actually build your repertoire of skills one at a time? We teach each concept, then give students a chance to practice it over and over again. Experienced mentors work with our students individually until they can effectively assess and repair all sorts of heating and air conditioning problems. We make sure that you have complete mastery of each skill before we move along to the next one.

We also make sure that part of your HVAC training in North Carolina involves exposure to the latest technology. We know that you need to be up on these things in order to feel confident going on all sorts of calls. That’s why we bring in different types of units and systems for you to get hands-on experience with. We want you to know them inside and out, so you can explain them to your customers and help them make educated decisions for themselves and their families.

We also stand out among heating and air conditioning schools in North Carolina because we will teach you the interpersonal and communication skills you need to be a successful HVAC technician. Since you’ll have to deal with all sorts of people every day, we want to make sure that you know how to connect with them and how to listen to them so that you can hear their needs. Once you’ve heard their needs, we will teach you how to match the services and products that you offer to what your customer has said, which will help you make sales in a way that the customer interprets as genuine. We know that you care for your customers and want to improve their lives, so we will teach you how to communicate that through every interaction you have with them.

We will also teach you how to learn and grow as a person. We believe that the best technicians are the ones who are happy with their work and who feel good about themselves and about the work they are doing in the world. We’ll show you how to gain confidence, how to grow as a human being, and how to love the job that you’ll get to do every day. When you are happy and confident, your customers will pick up on that and they will feel great about the work you’re doing for them.

Finding an HVAC school in North Carolina doesn’t have to be so hard. Call us today and we will talk you through your options with us. We’ll help you find a course that works with your schedule and the rest of your life, then we’ll walk you through the enrollment process. Once you get here, we’ll show you how to be the very best HVAC technician that you possibly can be.