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HVAC School

Have you been wondering how to get HVAC certified in Jacksonville, FL? Maybe you’ve always wanted to go to HVAC school in Jacksonville, FL, and now is the right time. Or, maybe you work for a company that is sending all of its techs to get more training. No matter your reasons behind looking for HVAC training in Jacksonville, FL, you have come to the right place. 

At AATA, we offer an innovative training program that can take newbies and make them into qualified entry-level HVAC technicians in 5 or 6 days. Our training is all hands-on and each student is paired with an expert trainer who will get to know them and understand their strengths and weaknesses.

We design our HVAC courses in Jacksonville, FL around practical, real-life scenarios that techs encounter in the field every day. We teach a skill, then we allow students to practice it over and over again, until their knowledge passes the conceptual and becomes practical, as well. Students work on real-world machines, so they know what it actually looks and feels like to encounter every problem, instead of just looking at them in a book.

At AATA, we believe that HVAC training in Jacksonville, FL needs to go beyond teaching the technical skills necessary to repair furnaces and air conditioners. Because technicians encounter people and deal with them every day, they also need to have superb interpersonal skills and be able to empathize with people before they try to sell to them.

Our HVAC school in Jacksonville, FL, will teach you all of that. We will teach you how to hear what people are really saying and how to respond to them with sincerity and empathy. We’ll help you understand what your customers need from you, beyond someone who is competent to repair their furnace or air conditioner.

At AATA’s HVAC classes in Jacksonville, FL, we will also teach you how to sell products and services to customers without making them feel like you are just there to sell something. We will show you how to connect what your company offers to their legitimate needs, so they will feel like you are there to help rather than to make a quick buck. Our trainers will teach you how to convey your genuine concern, so customers know that you truly care about them.

Finally, we will teach you how to feel confident and competent at the work you’re doing. This sets us apart from other heating and air conditioning schools in Jacksonville, FL. We will show you how to develop a growth mindset, so you can get better and better at what you do every day. We will also show you how to overcome fears, anxieties, and other things that are holding you back.

When you walk into a customer’s home, you want them to know, from that very first moment, that you are sure you can solve their problem. We’ll show you how to project your confidence, so your customer can feel confident in you, too. This will also help you make sales, as they will be secure in the fact that you know what you’re talking about.

HVAC Certification in Jacksonville, FL

We don’t just offer training, we also allow you to take the tests that prove what you know. When it comes to HVAC certification in Jacksonville, FL, you’ll want to take the EPA test. There are four levels of certification available for EPA certification. Our training covers all of these and we will give you a chance to take the test for a Universal Certification. This is the highest entry-level certification for an HVAC technician.

If you already have your HVAC certification in Jacksonville, FL, we offer you the chance to take the AATA Certification test. Passing this shows that you passed one of our robust courses, and can show that you are continuing your education, growing in your field, and gaining the knowledge and experience that you need to become better and better at the job that you’re doing.

At AATA, we believe that developing technicians is the lifeblood of the HVAC industry. Without highly trained and skilled technicians who love their jobs and love their customers, business owners won’t be able to provide the level of skills and service that customers have come to depend on. We will train you (or your technicians) to be the very best HVAC technicians that you possibly can be. And we stand by our training, too! If you have a technician who needs some more help after 90 days, we will retrain him or her for free!