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HVAC School

Are you looking for an HVAC school in Florida that can jumpstart your career in record time? Or maybe you’re an HVAC business owner and you’d love to help your technicians learn to provide the next-level service that will help your business grow?

At AATA, we aim to provide HVAC training in Florida that can achieve both of these goals in record time. In a 5- or 6- day program, we can teach you (or your technicians) everything you need to know to start working on furnaces and air conditioners. We’ll even give you an opportunity to take the test for an EPA Universal Certification.

How We Stand Out

There are a lot of HVAC courses in Florida. Why should you choose ours? We offer a unique approach to learning how to work on HVAC systems. We teach a systematic approach to diagnostics and we do it all in an experiential learning environment. This means that each student gets to practice skills as soon as they are taught.

Our training model involves exposing students to the types of situations they might encounter out in the field. It is rigorous and demanding so students develop the skills they need to perform their jobs not only in the classroom but also out in the field. We design scenarios that students can train on over and over, until they understand everything not only on a conceptual level but on a practical one, too.

We also pair each student with an experienced HVAC expert. This alone makes AATA unique among heating and air conditioning schools in Florida. Students and experts get to know each other over the week of training, so the expert comes to know exactly how each student learns and what they need to understand in order to grow. 

In addition, we’ll train you or your employees not only on the technical skills necessary to succeed in the competitive HVAC repair scene, but also on how to develop a strong mindset that can overcome any difficulty presented to it.

This makes us different from other HVAC classes in Florida because a strong mindset helps a technician feel confident about his or her job and project that confidence from the moment they enter a customer’s home. It also helps them to feel sure that they can solve any problem they encounter, which reassures the customer, too.

As if that weren’t enough, our HVAC training in Florida also includes sales instruction. So much of what HVAC technicians do involves helping people choose new heating and cooling units for their homes or convincing them that buying a new unit is in their best financial interests. Unfortunately, scammy techs have given the business a bad name. We’ll teach you or your technicians how to sell to your customers without making them feel like you are only there to make a sale.

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HVAC Certification in Florida

We don’t just offer training, we stand behind it. Have you been wondering how to get HVAC certified in Florida? All of our courses include the opportunity to test for EPA Universal Certification, which means that you can work as an entry-level HVAC technician in Florida.

There are actually four different types of EPA certifications for technicians looking for HVAC certification in Florida. Our curriculum covers all of these, which is why you can test for the Universal Certification. We will also give you a chance to test for your AATA Course Certification. If you’re already certified by the EPA, this acknowledges your advanced training with us.

Once you have your EPA Universal HVAC certification in Florida, you never have to re-test or even take continuing education classes to keep that level of certification. You will be able to work as an HVAC technician and grow in your knowledge without worrying about taking this test again!

If you have been thinking about HVAC school in Florida, the time to act is now! We offer at least two courses a month, so there should be something that fits your schedule. If there’s not, please get in touch anyway. We may be able to accommodate you around your schedule! We also offer financing opportunities, because we never want our courses to create a financial burden for you.

Do you want to improve yourself, improve your family’s life, and create a career that you can count on for challenge, income, and growth for years to come? Contact us today and we will help you decide if AATA and life as an HVAC technician is right for you.