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HVAC School near Augusta, GA

When you want to take your HVAC skills to the next level, it’s time to find the best possible HVAC training in Augusta, GA. After all, you want to make sure that you have top-level training so you can get the best jobs and do great work for every customer you meet.

At All American Technical Academy, we aim to take HVAC school in Augusta, GA to the next level. We will not only give you books to read and lecture to you, but we’ll take your training to the next level. Our HVAC courses in Augusta, GA will help you understand the ins and outs of any HVAC equipment you’ll work on, so you can stand out among available technicians.


At AATA, we believe that hands-on learning is the best learning. We will teach a concept, then give everyone a chance to work on real equipment to see, diagnose, and solve the same problem. Our students can practice repairing a problem as many times as they need to so they can be sure they understand.

We also provide real-world mentors for our students. Each class is taught by actual HVAC techs who know what they’re doing and know how to teach it to others. At our HVAC school in Augusta, GA, you will work alongside people who have been doing the job you want to do for many years. They will oversee your practice so you can make sure you’re working efficiently from your first time through.

At AATA, we understand that a technician needs both excellent service skills and excellent people skills. We’ll teach you how to enter someone’s home, make them feel confident in you and your skills, and sell them the products and services that are important to you. We’ll help you connect with your clients in new ways so you can take your business to the next level.

We want you to come out of our HVAC training in Augusta, GA feeling like you love your job as a technician and like you can help people get the heating and cooling services they need. We’ll help you raise your skill level and your confidence so you can make new business goals, then smash through them to the next level.

hvac school in augusta ga

HVAC Certification in Augusta, GA

When you pay for HVAC classes in Augusta, GA, you want proof that you got the training you said you did. All of our courses come with a certificate that you can show your current or potential employer to demonstrate that you took and passed our rigorous classes.

All students will also get a chance to test for the EPA Universal Certification when they complete their training. This is a nationally recognized certification that says you know how to work on all HVAC equipment and have demonstrated your knowledge. With this HVAC certification in Augusta, GA, you should be able to get the jobs you want.

Our innovative, real-world training methods mean that you are ready to take and pass these tests in relatively little time. We’ll help you eat, sleep, and breathe HVAC so you can get the certifications - and the jobs! - you’ve always wanted.

Contact us today about training for yourself or for the techs who work for you!