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HVAC School

When you’re looking for HVAC courses in Birmingham, AL, whether you are looking for yourself or wanting to train some technicians, you want to choose the school that is best able to prepare you for working in the real world. After all, all of the conceptual know-how in the world doesn’t necessarily mean that you can work on real furnaces and air conditioners and help people live better lives. 

At AATA, we work hard to make sure that our HVAC training in Birmingham, AL leaves you ready to work on real units in the real world. We use innovative methods to help you understand the systems you’re working with inside and out, so you can accurately assess problems and help your customers make the best repair or replacement choices for themselves and for their families.

Choosing AATA…

Choosing AATA means choosing HVAC classes in Birmingham, AL that allow you to practice a skill over and over. We teach a concept or a repair, then we allow you to practice it as many times as you need to in order to help you understand it. We’ll even practice repair scenarios, so you understand how a particular issue might present itself in different ways on different units. We want to make sure that your knowledge goes beyond what you can learn in a book to something you can actually understand and repair.

We also make sure that technicians who graduate from our HVAC training in Birmingham, AL understand how sales actually get made. Our technicians will be exposed to the latest technology, so they are confident and knowledgeable about what is out there when customers ask. We will also train you or your technicians on how to connect with customers, understand their needs and concerns, and explain why certain products or services would address their exact problems.

We stand out among heating and air conditioning schools in Birmingham, AL because we focus on listening skills. We know that many people think that most HVAC technicians and companies are just out there to take care of themselves by making sales. We ensure that our graduates understand how to listen in such a way that customers feel heard. This allows them to tie in any products or services that they are selling to what the customer has said, thus making sales easier and keeping customers happier, because they feel heard not just sold to.

The world is growing and changing, and customers want more out of their home services technicians than ever before. If you want an HVAC school in Birmingham, AL that will help you or your business stand out, AATA is the place for you. It’s the only place where technicians learn all of the skills they need to succeed in the HVAC world, not just practical repair skills.

HVAC Certification in Birmingham, AL

We don’t just say that we offer some of the best skills training around, we stand behind it. After a week of classes, all of our students get the chance to test for EPA Universal Certification, as well as our own AATA Certification. If you want to get an HVAC certification in Birmingham, AL, we can help you reach your goal.

The EPA has four different certifications that HVAC technicians can receive, or you can test for all of them at once. Since our program teaches you everything you need to know to get them all done, we offer techs the chance to take that test. Once you have taken this exam and passed, you never have to take another test for your job. That’s right! There’s no re-certification requirements or even continuing education! If you have been wondering how to get HVAC certified in Birmingham, AL, we can be your one-stop shop for all of those needs.

We will also offer all of our students the chance to test for their AATA Certification. This shows that they have completed our course to our satisfaction. If you don’t need or want the EPA certification, or if you don’t feel like you’re quite ready for that test, you don’t have to leave empty-handed. Demonstrate your learning with our certificate, instead.

Are you ready to take the next step forward in your life? Do you want to start a rewarding career that will help you and your family grow and improve? Then we would love to hear from you. The world of heating and air conditioning can always use more passionate, skilled, highly-trained technicians!