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HVAC School for Alabama Residents

Are you looking for an HVAC school in Alabama that will set you or your technicians apart from everyone else? Do you know that there are many HVAC technicians and companies out there, and you would like yours to be known for the service they offer and the way they treat customers? Or maybe you’re trying to get a job as an HVAC tech, and you’d like people to know just how much you love your job and how good you are at it?

At AATA, we can help you stand out in a crowd. Our HVAC training in Alabama is unprecedented because no one else offers courses like ours. If you want to make a name for yourself or for your company in the HVAC world in Alabama, send your self or your techs to one of our 5- or 6-day training courses.

Why Choose AATA?

At AATA, we model our HVAC courses in Alabama after real-world HVAC problems. Students learn a technique or a concept, then they practice it directly. We present the concept in different ways, so students know how it may present when they are out on a call. The system is designed so that students can practice repairing a problem over and over and over again, until their understanding goes beyond the theoretical to the practical.

We are also unique among heating and air conditioning schools in Alabama because we focus on who a technician is, not just on what he or she knows how to do with an HVAC system. We understand that confident technicians project their confidence onto customers, who come to trust the technician and the business that he or she represents more and more, simply because the technician has confidence in him or herself.

Being an HVAC tech can be a rewarding career, full of growth potential and the chance to help people live better lives. At AATA, we want the graduates of our HVAC classes in Alabama to love their jobs not only because they are making money and supporting their families (though those are important), but because they are helping people get good deals, live comfortably, and feel confident that they can handle any repair problems that come up. That’s why we teach techs, at our HVAC school in Alabama, how to talk and listen to customers.

We know that most HVAC technicians care a lot about their customers. They want to help them save money and live good lives. Techs who graduate from our program have the skills to communicate this caring to customers. They know how to talk about the services and products that they offer in a way that connects to a customer’s need, so the customer will know that the tech truly cares and isn’t just there to make a sale.

If you want highly skilled HVAC technicians who care about customers and know how to effectively communicate that, AATA is the place to send your technicians for training. And if you are a tech who wants to train or grow your skills, it’s a great place to start your new career.

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HVAC Certification in Alabama

If you are a tech who wants to get a job or a business owner, you probably don’t just want just the best HVAC training in Alabama, you want proof that it happened. The EPA offers 4 different types of certifications for HVAC technicians. Our program covers all of those pieces. Techs who attend our training get the chance to take the exam for their EPA Universal Certification at the end of each of our courses. Once you get this HVAC certification in Alabama, you don’t need to fulfill any continuing education hours or re-certify, so you’re all set for a rewarding HVAC career.

Some technicians come in with previous EPA Universal Certification, or they don’t need that certificate for some reason. These technicians will still get the chance to test for our AATA Certificate. This demonstrates that they took our course and ended it with enough knowledge to pass our rigorous test.

If you aren’t sure how to get HVAC certified in Alabama, check out our training courses today. Using innovative, real-world methods, we can teach you all you need to know to pass your EPA tests after just a week. If you get back to work (or your techs return to the field) and continue to struggle after 90 days, we will re-train them for free. We want to make sure you get a high return on your investment in AATA. 

Call us today to talk about training for you or for your technicians!