Frequently Asked Questions

What level of support can I expect after completing the class?

The Special Ops program provides 90 days of technical and field support following class completion.

Your instructor will be available via text and email, even while you are in the field.

During this period you will also be able to schedule two Zoom calls with your instructor to ask questions.

What should I expect from my technician (or myself) upon returning to work?

Your technician (or you) will have a foundational knowledge of HVAC maintenance with sufficient competency to perform their (your) job requirements with an emphasis on performing services with the highest level of efficiency, effectiveness, and professionalism.

In addition, due to AATA’s unique training method that addresses mindset, your technician (you) will have a genuine confidence in their (your) ability to evaluate your client’s specific comfort needs and make recommendations that will improve the indoor air quality of their home.

They (you) will also be EPA trained and certified.

What different types of heating/cooling classes does AATA teach?

Your technician (you) will receive instructional maintenance training on heat pumps, gas furnaces, electric heating, hydronic systems, air handlers, mini-splits, split air conditioners, boilers and package units.

What is your refund policy?

The program fee is non-refundable; however, Special Ops students receive ninety (90) days of follow up support and a re-training guarantee.

Note:  the re-training guarantee is subject to the client providing a minimum of 10 days of student ride-alongs with an experienced co-worker after the completion of the course.

There is a small program fee for re-training that will cover the cost of meals and training materials.

What makes AATA different from other HVAC training programs?

The All American Technician Academy is unique from other HVAC programs in that we combine training in the repair and maintenance of HVAC issues as well as sales and leadership training.

By giving your employees the confidence and knowledge to provide the HVAC solution needed, engage with the customer, and suggest additional products and services, your business will be able to increase its yearly revenue and ROI.

How often are classes held and for how long?

Classes are held a minumum of twice a month. See Upcoming Courses for details. If you don’t see a date that suits your needs, contact us. We’re prepared to add class dates as demand requires. 

Special Ops is a six-day program that begins Sunday at 4 pm and ends Friday afternoon.

  • HVAC EPA Certification training and exam preparation
    • Monday – Thursday 8 am – 5 pm
    • Friday – 8 am – approximately 3 pm. Exams are administered after lunch.
  • Mindset, Life Skills, Advanced Sales Training
    • Sunday 4 pm – 9 pm
    • Monday-Wednesday 5:30 pm – 9:30 pm 

Basic Training is a five-day program that begins Monday at 8 am and ends Friday afternoon.

  • HVAC EPA Certification training and exam preparation
    • Monday – Thursday 8 am – 5 pm
    • Friday – 8 am – approximately 3 pm. Exams are administered after lunch.

What EPA Certification do I earn?

Within Section 608 Certifications, there are four types of certifications for HVAC technicians.

The AATA curriculum covers all 4 areas and technicians will have an opportunity to earn an EPA Universal Certification.

Once certified, there is no continuing education hours needed nor a need to re-certify in order to maintain certification.

What is provided during the Level 1 Maintenance Program

We provide transportation from your hotel to the training facility, three meals per day, and access to a discounted hotel room rate. You are responsible for paying for the room, but we have negotiated a great rate!

What will I learn in Level 1 Maintenance Program

The importance of proper air flow
How to check for properly sized ductwork, correct return and supply sizes
How to measure capacity and velocity of ductwork
How airflow affects the HVAC system
IAQ, what it is, what it does and how to sell it
How the refrigeration system works
The differences between AC's and Heat Pumps
Superheat and Subcool, what they are, their importance and how to measure them
What to look for and how to find restrictions and failures in the refrigeration circuit
High and low voltage function
How to read electrical schematics
How to find shorted and open circuits
How to test sequencers and relays
Furnace operation and how the components in a furnace work together
Proper combustion and how to check it
How and where to look for failed heat exchangers
EPA guidelines and certification

What is the cost of your training program?

The cost for Level 1 Maintenance is $1,987 which includes EPA Certification

Pricing for Level 1 Installation is coming soon

Pricing for Advanced HVAC Electrical is coming soon

*We DO offer financing options, call us at 770-858-7802 for details!