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About the All American Technician Academy

Our Mission Statement

All American Technician Academy helps individuals compress the time frame that it takes to be equipped with the right mindset and skill set to become world class technicians.

Our Vision Statement

Our vision is to provide life-changing skills to all students with whom we come in contact.

All American Technician Academy was founded in 2017 out of pure necessity. Too many heating and air conditioning companies were paying their highly trained technicians to complete basic repair and service jobs. When Jerry Hall ran into this problem, he found a solution and now he wants to share it with other business owners like you!

He realized there was a need for a quality training program that educates beginner HVAC techs to complete more jobs on their own, relinquishing the upper-level technicians of these easier jobs and saving business owners thousands of dollars by not requiring them to send their higher paid employees to jobs that make little or no money.

After running two extremely successful Heating and Air Conditioning companies in Atlanta, Jerry Hall wants to share his knowledge of HVAC and entrepreneurial-ism with those who desire to follow in his footsteps.

This highly exclusive program is for driven individuals with a desire to win. It is our goal to educate young and ambitious HVAC technicians on the professional techniques and concepts needed to succeed in this industry.

Don’t settle for “industry standard”.

Start at the beginning, learn how to do it right, and gain the confidence you need to invest in yourself.

We only want the hungriest people to train and grow with us here at the All American Technician Academy.

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